Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Starting Over

The best thing about starting over is that we can always do so, right now. No matter how far out things become, we can always begin again, from right here. The liberation and absolution within this eternal moment is always here beside us, like an old familiar friend waiting for us to take notice once again. Arms wide open ~R~

Inner Peace

If you are reading this - You can experience true inner peace.
Right Now

In this very moment
There is no-thing required of you
No “where” you have to go
No “tomorrow” to worry about
And no bills to be paid

In this space
there is Nothing you need to do
Other than to be who you are
Right now
Doing what you do
Exactly as you do it

By my account, what we consider “time” is made up of an infinite amount of these moments and they are forever present for us to take notice. Within each of these moments we are always connected and collectively experiencing life as one. Wishing you beautiful moments! ~R~

Ephemeral Reflections

The body is ephemeral as a bubble
Made of water and dancing chemicals
With the divine breath of life, Its form appears
Reflecting the world perfectly as it passes through
Leaving no trace behind
The form dissolves
The breath returns home
Its beauty cannot be captured
Only witnessed and appreciated

Wishing you awareness of your own reflections
They are beautiful art in motion


Clouds and swimming shoes

We are like clouds coming into existence and disappearing again.
Coming and going, forming and changing.
Every cloud unique, beautiful and perfect.
Destined to be and to not be again.
Returning to the origin from which they began.
Systolic and diastolic patterns, moving in and out
The universal heart beats and there is clouds…
The universal heart beats and here you are…
We come into this world empty handed, and leave the same way.
There is nothing to gain and nothing to save.
But what can you do
should you discover,
Their is nothing to achieve
and nothing to hang onto?
~ Everything ~
Because you can do anything, Everything is possible.

All that is required is a doing.
You have the gift to manifest anything now.
You can smile or frown, pick up a glass of wine, you can laugh or shed a tear.
It's completely up to you.

Try snapping your fingers and
bear witness to the happening right before you.

We are only limited

Thoughts and projections are vastly different from an action like picking up a phone and calling someone. You can think about calling someone for years and never actualize the connection. You can dream about "that day", when things will happen, when everything will be good, when it all clicks together, when you pick up that phone…
You can make that moment a reality now.
A vast ocean of possibility exists in every moment.
We've been swimming on its surface this whole time.


free for all to explore.
We may not see tomorrow but we are here, now.

This moment.

This now.

It is the one place where we all exist.

This is our common thread
it doesn't discriminate between color or race.
This moment does not question morality, religious or political views.
This happening does not judge nor see you, it is you.
The universe spinning above
the universe unfolding within you,
are one in the same.
Thank you for providing me with these words to share
you are my greatest inspiration.
Blessings ~R~

Let go of the small things

Let go of the small things in your life.
As you would a rock falling away from your hand.
Let them drop away from you effortlessly,
Gravity pulling them away without force

Breathe out A sigh of relief
A million small things we create – Breathe in
A million small things we can let go of – Breath out

Many small things become accumulation.
Heavier and heavier we feel their weight.
The pressure they exert upon us makes them seem real.
From the same place they are born, they exist.
From the same place they are born, they will die.

When you have had enough, Drop your load.
Let us practice letting go of the small things often.

Laughter and Liberation awaits you always ~R~

How special you are

Blessed is all life which grows out of the mother's womb.
You are living proof of such things.

For thousands of years, hundreds of your ancestors survived incredible odds and survived long enough have children. Each one of these children also survived uncountable circumstances and was also able to reproduce ad infinitum. From them just one of a million seeds found its way through the dark, knowing exactly where to go and just what to do, without you ever having to think about it. All of your arms and limbs developed of themselves. Your eyes see and your ears hear. A byzantine labyrinth of nerves and neurons came together and do their work effortlessly without any decision ever being made on your part. And here you are, affixed with the human brain: The most densest and most interconnected material per square inch in the known galaxy. Your being here, constitutes nothing less than a miracle. Always remember just how special you really are. ~R~

Innumerable Buddhas

At every moment, I am (you are)
an expression of this universe and what it is doing.
I am the universe writing these words to you.
You are the universe reading them.
There is no separation.

When I do my laundry or feed my cat.
When I prepare dinner for friends
When I kiss my children goodnight
And go to work, all of it is sacred.
I am honored to do these things.

Once realized, life and everything around you,
even the smallest things,
take on a deep significance.

With humility and gratitude I send you these words.

Much Love